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Sad News …


Today’s post won’t mean a great deal to most of my followers, I suppose, but many of my readers here in the Territory will be saddened to learn of the passing of Brad MacIsaac, one of the true ‘character’s’ here in the Northern regions.

Brad succeeded me as the Legal Aid Clinic Director here in Iqaluit back in 2002 and, thereafter, we travelled together on many, many court circuits in the eastern and central Arctic. We also travelled together outside the territory for conferences and vacations, and it was a point of pride between us that we had hoisted glassed together in the four corners of the country from Halifax to Vancouver, and the High Arctic to Southern Ontario.

He was my friend and I will miss him ….


“The arse is out of her now”



I am a lawyer by profession and my practice is Criminal... I mean, I specialize in Criminal law. My work involves travelling on Court circuits to remote Arctic communities. In between my travels I write a Food blog at

7 thoughts on “Sad News …

  1. It can never be said that Brad didn’t live his life to the absolute fullest. His personality drew people like a magnet – his quick wit and his raspy, heart-and-soul, throw-your-head-back laugh. “Yer all in, or yer all out, missus.” Safe journey, dear friend.

      1. I have little doubt he has, John. I often still chuckle at how years ago, you and Brad had to double up in the hotel in — was it Sanikiluaq? Rankin? It was summertime, and it was SO hot in your room for the entire week – you two were absolutely miserable. Housekeeping gave you this teeny fan to use, but it was useless – remember? How you two suffered!

        I smile when I think of how all of us went to bed to the sound of Brad’s voice penetrating the thin walls of everyone’s rooms. The air was palpably blue.

        Turned out – naturally, to be discovered on the morning we were to fly out – that the thermostats were all installed backwards, so although you thought you had turned the heat off, you had unknowingly turned it up full blast.

        You were incredibly reserved upon learning this (always the ‘think before speaking’ one of you pair), but I made a hasty retreat when I saw Brad’s face slowly turning bright red, knowing what was to come.

        I made it a good distance, which helped to reduce the volume of his always-meticulously-spoken reactions. I couldn’t help but laugh all the way down the hall, though, as the inevitable eruption hit and I passed each door as it flew open, heads popped out, terrified looks on their faces, followed by an amused nod and a retreat back into their rooms as they recognized Brad’s voice.

        I always looked forward to every circuit that I knew you were both on, as well. What a pair – you two.

        Heaven is about to be a much livelier place. But we’ll miss him so much.

      2. I *remember* that! Brad and I came up through Montreal and visited Schwart’s Deli for their smoked meat on rye … then we caught an Air Inuit Twin Otter to Sani …. there were only 5 people on the flight but they still lost my luggage (with files etc). Wow … that must be 10 years ago!

      3. Ten years … feels like yesterday. I’ll bring that little snog of vodka on my upcoming trip, and we’ll hoist one for Brad.

        He’d like that …….

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