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Now We Are Two …

2nd Birthday 1

Today, Sybaritica turns two years old. A year ago, I announced that I had just completed a self-imposed challenge to do 365 posts in 365 days and thus marked the very first birthday of this blog. I also said, at that time, that I planned to take things a little easier in the coming year so as to have more time for other things but, as it happened, I still did some 220 posts over the next 365 days. In fact, in August, I posted 27 articles, which is almost a post-a-day for that month…

Sybaritica now has 622 followers, been visited from people in 197 countries, and garnered 177,214 page views as I write this. I am very happy with the way things have been developed but it is my hope, in the coming year, to do a bit of a re-organization. I am really not sure how things will look when I am finished, but I have some areas I want to focus on… One thing I have noticed is that it is my ‘Foodstuffs’ posts that seem to get re-visited and re-visited long after recipe posts have faded into obscurity. I plan to re-write some of these and re-organize them so that they are all linked to various recipes I have posted using the foodstuff in question. As for other changes… well, time will tell.

Anyway… thank you all for your support this past year (and the year before) and here’s to 2014!



I am a lawyer by profession and my practice is Criminal... I mean, I specialize in Criminal law. My work involves travelling on Court circuits to remote Arctic communities. In between my travels I write a Food blog at

14 thoughts on “Now We Are Two …

    1. Thanks Stefan …. I must say that the foodstuffs posts take the most effort. Recipe posts used to be the hardest (with the photography etc), but, they have gotten easier over time as I am sure you have experienced… I am planning to do more ‘basic’ material in the coming year….

  1. Happy blogday! I have truly enjoyed your posts. Have been thinking of my long neglected blog and wondered if you had any tips on how to become a better more consistent blogger. Though I can’t do 365 in 365, have thought about 1 every 2 weeks. Any other thoughts? Thanks.

    1. The best advice is to have a blog topic you really enjoy. If you like talking about it you can write about it more consistently than any amount of discipline or commitment will do for you… One thing I found is that, if you do have a set schedule for posts, you should do up as many as you can in advance to cover those periods when you can’t post, or just don’t feel like it. While traveling for a week during my first year of blogging I had a very shaky internet connection and almost missed a couple of days (I didn’t thankfully)… to prevent that in future, I started pre-posting my posts before I went away and, by the end of the year, I was, as I am now, over a month ahead in having posts written before actually getting published. It is nice to be able to take a few days, or a week, and not do anything occasionally without feeling you have let yourself down… Good luck 🙂

  2. Happy birthday! 365 is quite a challenge! I’ve really enjoyed reading your experiments in the kitchen. I used to blog a lot (about once a day) but have toned down the frequency of my blog posts over the last year, though I recently made it to 1000 posts. There’s no point pushing out content if it becomes a chore to do it. That becomes work. Less work, more play!

  3. ICongrats! So glad I found Sybaritica. I really enjoy your recipes and photos, but especially your sense of humor and writing style. Thanks for the laughs! Taunya

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