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The Turkmeni Challenge …

The Turkmeni Challenge 1

Yesterday morning, I was perusing my blog stats with particular attention to the countries from which I have received visits. Pakistanis have been fairly regular visitors, and even 8 Afghanis have popped by at one time or another. Further down the list, but still represented, are *most* of the remaining ‘Stans’, towit: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan…

So WHERE is Turkmenistan????

Have I said something to offend? Do the Turmenis not like me for some reason? If, and I can’t imagine how, I have committed some sort of international faux pa, or other slight against the great Turkmeni people, then I mean to remedy that right now!

I am challenging all my readers to scour their recipe books (or ancestral memories, maybe) and post a recipe featuring either a traditional Turkmeni dish, or one inspired by the cookery of Turkmenistan, along with a little ‘blurb’ describing the origins or history of the dish. Please send me an e-mail announcing the post and I will collect them and later publish links in a follow-up post celebrating Turkmeni cuisine.

The challenge will close on March 31st, 2014, and I will announce the results on April 4, 2014, which I am hereby declaring the ‘International Turkmenistan Appreciation Day’. On that day of great celebration I hope that you will join me in a rousing rendition of the Turkmenistan National Anthem (just hum the bits you don’t know) and feast mightily on… well, whatever…

Men türkmençe geplemeýärin!!


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7 thoughts on “The Turkmeni Challenge …

  1. I am a big fan of all the Grandmother blogs, not sure if she is a grandmother but I found a Mrs. Mahiya who has some yummies to share:

    I love this challenge!
    A Russian grad student named Igor told me about hiking in one of the ‘stans’. He was on his honeymoon with his lovely wife Anya and got lost in the steppes. They met a goat herder who lived in a yurt, who offered them food and drink. He then went on to offer Igor several goats in exchange for Anya. He saw Igor’s refusals as a bargaining tactic and was very unwilling to lose. Igor thoroughly enjoyed telling this story over a bottle of vodka -Anya did not find it as funny. In 1993, these tales of far away places were so rare and now I can Google the world, simply amazing!

    1. I was wondering where to take my wife for our next vacation… food for thought indeed 🙂

      And thank you for the link… I have no idea what I am going to cook for my ‘entry’.

      1. well, it’s been a while since 1993, maybe it’ll be Mrs Sybaritica who gets goats in exchange for you! LOL Or some of those lovely embroidered boots!

  2. Hysterical! This reminds me that in all the years that I have had my blog, I have only had one (one!) whopping visitor from China. Can you believe it? I think my blog must be blocked by Chinese censors . . .

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a Turkmeni dish to suggest. I do look forward to seeing the results!

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