A Blog Hiatus…

Blog Hiatus 1


Greetings folks … By the time you read this post, I will have embarked on a fairly extensive round of travels: In addition to some regular Court circuits, I have a week-long Jury Trial, a Conference, and then… VACATION. Naturally, I will be largely precluded from writing any posts (or doing any cooking) during that period and, after considerable thought, I have decided that, upon my return, I will continue my absence from the blogosphere and take an extended hiatus of sorts…


Over the past 2 and a half years, I have been devoting somewhere between 10 and 20 hours of each week to doing the various things associated with creating blog posts and, since starting my Chinese language posts some 4 months ago, that weekly average has increased quite considerably. This has been no end of fun, I will admit, but it has left me precious little time to do much else and, for a little while at least, it would be nice to… well, NOT spend 20 or more hours writing blog posts each and every week.


Anyway, I shall pretty much be going off-line for the next little while… I will actually still be doing restaurant reviews periodically (that’s how Sybaritica originally got started), but the regular weekly round of cooking and posting recipes will be on hold at least until the end of the summer. During that time, I will be giving thought to what I want to do with the blog after I return, and I will also be undertaking some culinary projects that should make for some interesting reading when I do return .


Please, everyone, keep following the blog so that you know when I am back and… Enjoy your summer!

11 thoughts on “A Blog Hiatus…”

  1. All the best. I hope the work trips and vacation go well. I look forward to the periodic restaurant reviews. Regards Gaz

  2. Enjoy!! Tho’ I do not have my own post and tho’ it is winter and not summer here I have had to ‘back off’ myself to a considerable degree! Understand!! Enjoy what you have planned and we will be here when you are ready to return!! All the very best Eha

  3. To all things, there is a season… Thank you sincerely for the Chinese lessons!!!! I will always think of you when I am at my local Asian market “studying” my characters! And making Chinese Superior Stock, as that is what brought me here. 😊 Wishing you ALL the best!!

  4. I hope you enjoy your summer. Will miss your posts but I will also spend time going back and rereading some I haven’t been able to spend time on!! See you again when you come back.

  5. John, I hope that you and your family have a wonderful, fun hiatus from this, and truly look forward to reading your recipes, forays into both the cooking and the Mandarin/Cantonese lessons towards the end of summer. You and your primary taster, your wife, are sometimes what I live for. ❤ Have fun!

  6. Enjoy your summer! I went to a restaurant you reviewed in Montreal when I was on a recent trip there, it was as good as you had said it would be. I’m hoping to try one or two more of the recipes on your blog soon … I am up north right now but once I am back in the land of groceries, it’s on my list.

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