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Review: Cut Steakhouse and Grill, Halifax

5120 Salter Street – 902.429.5120 – Website

Cut Steakhouse 01

Date of Visit: July 8, 2014

Describing a restaurant as being both a ‘steakhouse and grill’ sounds a bit redundant at first but, as it turns out, ‘Cut’ is two quite different dining establishments in one. I was in the mood for a decent steak on the evening of my visit but when I was given a menu after being seated on the lovely downstairs patio I was disappointed to see only two, rather uninteresting, steak choices available. I then discovered that the ‘steakhouse’ part of the operation is on the upper floor and, after hastening up the stairs, I enjoyed a really terrific meal… 

Ambience and Service

Cut Steakhouse 02

The upper floor of the establishment, which seats about 60 or so, is very pleasantly appointed and comfortable. My only complaint, actually, was that the only restroom available is two floors down. As for the service, all I can say is that the attention one receives here is about as good as it gets on all counts…

Cut Steakhouse 03

One feature I very much enjoyed, and which I have only encountered in a few other steakhouses, was the ‘rolling’ display of cuts on offer. The staff who bring around the trolley are exceptionally knowledgeable about steak general and can not only explain all sorts of things about the cutting and aging of beef but can just about give you a pedigree for every individual piece of meat available on a given night.

By the way, the lovely thick cut being demonstrated by my server is the 28oz Bone-in Rib-eye available for $74. It is, I gather, most commonly ordered as a steak for sharing but sometimes individuals do tackle it by themselves. On another occasion, I might have been sorely tempted but, on this evening, I had something even more special in mind…

The Meal

Cut Steakhouse 04

While making my menu selection, I was provided with a small basket of bread selections (the 7 grain variety was lovely) and a couple of artisanal butters the specific flavors of which escape me now. On the side were some crudités of daikon and carrot with a goat-cheese and honey dip. I have not had daikon served this way before (I thought it was Jicama when I first saw the sticks) and it turned out to be very nice indeed.

Wagyu Beef

For those who are unfamiliar, Wagyu beef is obtained from Japanese cattle and it is especially prized for being richly marbled. Traditionally, the cows (most widely known from the eponymous ‘Kobe’ beef district) are highly pampered, being fed very carefully and massaged with beer at regular intervals. It is very expensive and has long been something I have wanted to try…

Cut Steakhouse 05

Japanese Wagyu is not widely available outside of Japan and ‘Cut Steakhouse’ provides two Australian selections as detailed in the menu excerpt above. I went with the slightly more ‘economical’ cut…

Cut Steakhouse 06

As usual, I ordered my steak medium rare and slightly charred on the surface. My server expressed a concern over this order, fearing that the charring might not work well with the miso rub, but I have grilled using miso before and I insisted. As you can see, the grill-person did a terrific job.

In proper steakhouse tradition, the steak is plated by itself and one’s choices for accompaniments are served separately.

Cut Steakhouse 07

Mushroom Medley – This was one of the best mushroom side-dishes I have ever been served. The two mushrooms, both sautéed in butter, were ‘Beefsteak’ and ‘Oyster’ and they were delightfully plump, juicy and deftly seasoned. Rating: 5 out of 5.

Cut Steakhouse 08

Beefsteak Tomato Grilled with Feta (and supposedly Basil) – In plenty of other restaurants, I might have rated this dish a little higher but in the context of this particular meal, it was a bit disappointing. The basil specified on the menu was actually oregano in the completed dish (which I do not like nearly as much), and I also found the overall effect was a bit more like a steamed or slow-baked production rather than a grilled dish. It was okay but not as top-notch as everything else. Rating: 3 out of 5.

Cut Steakhouse 09

Finally, here is a close-up of my steak. The flesh was delectably tender, very, very juicy, and had a flavor that I won’t even try to describe. The grilling was very expertly handled and, while I am not going to say that this was without question the best steak I have ever had, it was highly enjoyable and, at least as a one-time experience, well worth the premium price. Rating: 5 out of 5.


Much of my enjoyment at this establishment came from being able to try out something that has long been on my ‘bucket list’. That being said though, the overall experience was immeasurably enhanced by absolutely top-notch service and pleasant surroundings. This was definitely a meal to remember. Rating: 5 out of 5.

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6 thoughts on “Review: Cut Steakhouse and Grill, Halifax

  1. Absolutely no ‘value judgment’ comments, but it hurts me to see that our wagyu beef has such a large footprint!! The beef may be indescribably soft, the cost to me in more than one way is far too high! Love your mushroom medley: just had some for lunch. Do not know whether you are able to buy ‘mushroom kits’ every winter your time – have three in my darkish laundry at the moment: buttons, Swiss/Portobello and oyster – once the productive season is over [am ‘picking’ about 1/2 Kg a day at the moment for 5-6 weeks] the left over mushroom compost does absolute wonders in the garden!! And such fun!!

    1. A half Kg is amazing … I’d love t find a source for the kits. The temperature up here is less a problem than the lack of light for almost half the year … mushrooms would be perfect!

  2. Since our local supermarkets no longer seemed to carry I just Googled for our area: got three kits for just over $50 all told [similar to US$] . . . . may sound expensive, but I began them a week apart so shall have about three months and the quality is indescribable: you literally want to eat them like apples or pears 🙂 ! In your neck of the woods you should be able to get them for nine months a year!

    1. I googled too… nothing local (which was entirely expected) but there are several kits available for mail order online. Price is a bit more than you paid especially for shipping but I think the fun of doing it yourself makes up for that 🙂

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