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Basil Pimento Crostini

Pimento Basil Crostini 1

Today’s post barely counts as a recipe, as such… rather it’s just a short record of something I improvised one afternoon and which turned out well enough to try again… By way of background, my wife planted Basil this summer (three sorts actually) and needed to thin out the crop a little. Accordingly, I was directed to ‘make something that needs Basil’. I already had substantial meal plans for the next several days and so I opted to use the leaves my wife provided to me in an appetizer…

I used about ½ a cup of (as yet, tiny) leaves and chopped them very finely. I mixed the result with a little of my home-made Garlic Oil along with a little black pepper and ended up with something a bit like a very rustic pesto. I grilled some baguette slices and topped them with the ‘pesto’ and the sprinkled on some nice ‘stretchy’ Mozzarella. Next, I added a couple of strips of my own Roasted Red Peppers put on some more cheese, and garnished each crostini with a slice of black olive. A few minutes under the grill melted the cheese nicely and a little sprinkle of dried dill gave a nice little touch of color before serving.

Next time, I may try a sharper cheese but the result here was very nice and I am sure you can all things of lots of great ideas to ‘riff’ on the basic idea…


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