Notable Nosh: Dublin Nachos

Dublin Nachos 01

I had this rather novel, if decidedly un-Irish, snack food at the Halifax Alehouse during my visit to Nova Scotia this past July. The menu, at this rather pleasant Pub, describes their special Nachos as ‘thinly sliced potatoes piled with tomatoes, green onions, black olives, jalapeno peppers, and bacon, covered with our mixed blend and feta cheese.’ It sounded interesting (and perhaps was, I suppose), but I can’t really say I feel an overwhelming urge to indulge a second time…

Making an ‘Irish’ version of Nachos using potato is rather a clever idea, I grant you, but the execution was a bit less appealing. One of the pleasures of traditional nachos is the contrast of textures between the toppings and the crisp chips… Nearly soggy potato slices don’t quite ‘cut it’, sad to say.

I liked the toppings, actually… Feta and Black Olive is not standard and is something I’ll try on my own Nachos sometime. As for the Irish-Mexican fusion, a little work needs to be done… Chimichangas made with Boxty, maybe?

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