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Foodstuff: Camelina Oil

Camelina Oil 01

I must confess to having heard of Camelina before, much less Camelina Oil, but it appears that the plant, native to Europe and Central Asia (but now cultivated in North America), has been grown agriculturally for about 3000 years. It is also known as ‘Siberian Oilseed’ and ‘False Flax’ and, though the oil is still not widely known, it gives every indication of becoming one of the latest health-food fads. This brand touts the Omega Oil content and several sites I visited were extolling the supposed benefits, As I have said before, however, I usually pay scant attention to extravagant medicinal claims as it is just too hard to separate the actual facts from the nonsense or the merely frivolous wishful thinking… Anyway, the bottle I purchased is packaged by a Canadian Company called Three Farmers and I noticed they also sell some other Camelina Oil versions infused with garlic, herbs and the like. I thought for now, however, I would just give the plain type a try… 

Camelina Oil 02

The oil, as you can see, is quite a dark golden color with a slightly greenish tint. It does not have as strong an aroma as, say olive oil, and I am a little hard pressed to describe it. The taste, though, is nicely fresh and has some quite strong grassy notes. I think, for this reason, that many people will find it a very nice choice as a salad dressing.

As for cooking, I learned from my research that this particular oil has a smoke-point of about 475 degrees, which makes it one of the highest available. That being said though, this small bottle was quite expensive (at least here in our Northern region) and I don’t think I will be using it for deep-frying any time soon. It does, however, have a decently long shelf-life and I think one of my first uses will be in some of my home-made Garlic Oil



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4 thoughts on “Foodstuff: Camelina Oil

  1. I was given a bottle of camelina oil as a gift last year and prefer it on salads because of it’s very earthy/grassy/flower-y flavor. I like it very much but it can be a bit overwhelming if used too much. The bottle given to me is Omega Maiden out of Minnesota. Love it but it’s so unusual – most people I talk to about it have no idea what I’m talking about. 🙂

  2. Despite your remoteness this product has reached you before I have noticed it. Let’s hope the health fad will boost production so we can use it for deep frying; 475 is high indeed!

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