The Move is on…

Moving 1

Not long ago in my post entitled ‘Our New Island Home’, I announced that we would be moving to a farm in Nova Scotia, with Darlene making the transition first. Well, yesterday, I waved goodbye to Darlene and our four cats for what will be a pretty lengthy separation (even for us)…

Little Bear, pictured above, was quite disturbed and unsettled by the activity, but his brother, Squeakers, found it very exciting and had the time of his life. As for the wife and I, the usual stress of packing was compounded by the fact that we have been having serious construction being done at this house for nearly two months and we have both agreed that the experience has been one of the worst for both of us. Thankfully, the hardest part is over, even though I still have a lot to do before this place officially goes on the market.

Anyway, I am now living with a seriously diminished kitchen and my blogging is going to be a little haphazard and infrequent for the next little while. Have patience….

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