From the Arctic to the Farm…

Kitty in NS 001

Regular readers of this blog will recall that my wife recently bought a farm in Nova Scotia and that she was to make the move first (with me following at the end of the year or thereabouts). I am now pleased to announce that she has arrived successfully along with our four cats. The process of settling in has begun.

Our oldest cat is the only one to have moved north with us 15 odd years ago. The other three are all Arctic born kitties and have never seen a tree. Squeakers, seen above is enjoying the view of his very first one from the living room. The cats have been kept inside thus far as my wife wants to acclimatize them to their new surroundings. I am looking forward to hearing about their first visit to the outdoors in due course…


One thought on “From the Arctic to the Farm…”

  1. I hope the transition goes well from not only the cats but for you and your wife. All my best for lots of happiness in your new home when you are settled in.

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