Month: July 2015

Review: All Happy Family Restaurant

10011 106 Ave., Edmonton – Website

All Happy Family 1

Date of Visit: July 8, 2015

I saw this place from a taxi while being driven back to my hotel in downtown Edmonton and a few days later I walked back for a spot of supper. The walk wasn’t all that far but it did take me through a rather tatty neighborhood and, in the end, my effort wasn’t well-rewarded… Continue reading “Review: All Happy Family Restaurant”

Review: The Underground Tap and Grill

10004 Jasper Ave., Edmonton – Website

Underground Grill 1

Date of Visit: July 7, 2015

I found this place on the internet and, while I probably wouldn’t have been attracted by the menu especially, I saw that they offer 72 beers on tap. I love sampling different brews and I thought that I could spend a pleasant few hours doing so and also see what they could do for a nice supper as well… Continue reading “Review: The Underground Tap and Grill”

Review: Urban China

10604-101 St., Edmonton – Website

Urban China  1

Date of Visit: July 7, 2015

This was one of the spots I had discovered online when I was planning the culinary portion of my July trip to Edmonton. It has a pretty interesting looking menu online, as well as a few good reviews and, accordingly, I made my way there one morning at 11am for a leisurely dim sum brunch… Continue reading “Review: Urban China”

Mint Marinated Roast Lamb

Mint Marinated Lamb Roast 1

I bought a bunch of mint for a vegetable recipe I was planning but I had quite a bit left over and I decided to cook up a small cut of lamb I had languishing in my freezer. Long term readers may recall that, way back in the mists of time, I posted a recipe for the Mint Sauce that I almost always serve alongside roast lamb. I mentioned, in that post, that I also use the sauce as a marinade occasionally, and that is what I will be doing here. Actually, I really hadn’t planned to do a post about this particular meal but the cut of lamb I bought was a little unusual and I thought I would show you what I did… Continue reading “Mint Marinated Roast Lamb”

Review: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

9990 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton – Website

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse 1

Date of Visit: July 5, 2015

After a rather disappointing steak meal at the Chop Steakhouse I was looking for something a little better. I had already put this establishment on my list of possibilities and when I saw the inside I had a good idea that it would be a) very expensive and b) very good. It turned out I was right on both counts… Continue reading “Review: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse”

Review: Chop Steakhouse and Bar

10235 101 St NW, Edmonton – Website

Chop Steakhouse 1

Date of Visit: July 4, 2015


The Chop Steakhouse, located in the Sutton Place Hotel in downtown Edmonton is one of a chain of 6 restaurants. There are two in both Alberta and British Columbia, one in Manitoba, and one in Toronto. I usually avoid chain restaurants for the most part but I was determined to have several steak dinners whilst visiting the Canada’s cattle country and gave this place a try. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed… Continue reading “Review: Chop Steakhouse and Bar”

Review: Double Greeting Wonton House

10212 96 St. W, Edmonton – (780) 424-2486

Double Greeting 1

Date of Visit: July 4, 2015

This was my first ever visit to a restaurant in Edmonton. I spied the place while scouting the area around my hotel and was pleased to discover that there is a small Chinatown nearby. I missed breakfast on this particular morning and, by noon, after walking all over the place, I was starving… Continue reading “Review: Double Greeting Wonton House”

Spicy Pork with Cashew and Cucumber

Spicy Pork with Cashew and Cucumber 1

I found a jar of Lee Kum Kee Spicy Bean Paste at the back of my cupboard the other day and I decided to use some of it with a bit of leftover roast pork-belly I needed to finish up.  I previously found that this LKK product rather failed as the ‘Ma La’ sauce (麻婆醬) it is supposed to be, but it is rather like a fairly good Sichuan Chili Bean paste and I thought it might work well with an additional sweet and sour component by way of some vinegar and a little sugar. Originally, I thought of using some pickled greens along with pork and cashews, but then I decided to substitute diced cucumber for an interesting texture combination instead. Anyway, today’s recipe is a dead easy one (especially if you have the cold roast pork on hand), and you can pretty much cook it in 5 minutes or so once the main ingredients are diced… Continue reading “Spicy Pork with Cashew and Cucumber”