Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day 1

Greetings Everyone….

Aside from wishing all my followers a very Happy Canada Day, I also wish to announce that I will heading to Edmonton on Friday (hence the photograph showing Iqaluit as I hope to be seeing it a few days hence). Once again the National Criminal Law Conference is being held and this year it is out west (it was Halifax last year, and Charlottetown in 2016). I have blog posts in the publication queue for each Sunday that I am away and, on my return, I will be posting a whole new series of restaurant reviews.

Anyway, as I have learned on a couple or previous visits, Alberta is the place for steak in Canada. I have not been to Edmonton before but I have already picked out a couple of interesting looking steak-houses near my hotel. I always have at least one steak meal on my travels but, this being Alberta, I will be trying three or four places at least. I have a pretty decent list of other interesting restaurants in the downtown area that I wish to try but if any of my readers are aware of any particular places I should visit, please drop me a line…

Back soon…



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