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Review: Double Greeting Wonton House

10212 96 St. W, Edmonton – (780) 424-2486

Double Greeting 1

Date of Visit: July 4, 2015

This was my first ever visit to a restaurant in Edmonton. I spied the place while scouting the area around my hotel and was pleased to discover that there is a small Chinatown nearby. I missed breakfast on this particular morning and, by noon, after walking all over the place, I was starving…

Ambience and Service

The building looks a little discouraging from the outside but the interior is quite nice and airy with comfortable seating for about 150 people or so.

Double Greeting 2

I arrived just before lunch and there were about 15 people already eating. During my visit the number increased to over 50 and I was the only non-Asian in the place. Several people greeted new arrivals when they came through the door and I gather that this must be something of a favorite spot for local ‘regulars’. The service was very efficient and friendly and there were more than enough staff on hand to keep things running quickly and smoothly.

The menu at Double Greeting is very heavy on noodles, with many types on offer including Lo Mein, Chow Mein, Chow Fan and, somewhat surprisingly, Spaghetti. There are a number of different hotpots as well as a huge list of Congees too. The appetizer section is a bit limited, but there is a much larger section entitled ‘Side Dishes’ which includes a lot of interesting selections, many of which are items that also come as part of a noodle dish. One can, for example, order Lo Mein with Beef Tendon, Tripe and Spleen, or get these three delicacies separately as a side.

My Meal

Double Greeting 3

Pan Fried Beef-Buns – This item was in the appetizer section of the menu (two for $4.45) and consists of slightly sweetened leavened dough wrapped around a beef filling and first steamed, then pan-fried to brown and slightly crisp the outside. The dough was very tasty and nicely textured and the filling was very good, albeit just a little skimpy.

Double Greeting 4

The beef was minced virtually to a paste as with many dumpling fillings and very simply seasoned with little more than a bit of salt and pepper, as far as I could taste. These were well done and I rated them at a 4 out of 5.

Double Greeting 5

Dried Squid with Chives – This was listed as a side dish for $9.75 but the portion would be just right for an appetizer or dim sum offering too. The dried squid was extremely well-hydrated and served with flowering chive sections and thin slices of carrot in a sauce that seemed to be a slightly thickened stock with just a dash of sugar added.

Double Greeting 6

As you can see, the squid sections were cut in an attractive lattice pattern. This helps the sauce to cling and makes the pieces, which were very thick indeed, easier to eat. The flavor was a bit blander than in other dried squid preparations, I added some salt, but the texture was delightfully chewy. I rated it at a 3 out of 5.

Double Greeting 7

Rice Roll with Shrimp –  This is usually one of my favorite items in a dim sum restaurant but, unfortunately, these particular ones were no where near as good as the previous two dishes. The restaurant was pretty generous with the shrimp filling compared to many other places but the rice noodle wrapper was way too thick and stodgy. The rolls were exceedingly heavy (making them difficult to be manipulated with chopsticks) and the overall texture and taste was doughy and raw. The nicely sweet sauce didn’t help very much and I could only give these a 1 out of 5.


I enjoyed my meal here despite the disappointing rice rolls and there are quite a few other dishes on the menu I would like to sample if the chance arises. The place is unpretentious and offers some good, decent food for very reasonable prices. Rating: 3 out of 5.

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