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Mint Marinated Roast Lamb

Mint Marinated Lamb Roast 1

I bought a bunch of mint for a vegetable recipe I was planning but I had quite a bit left over and I decided to cook up a small cut of lamb I had languishing in my freezer. Long term readers may recall that, way back in the mists of time, I posted a recipe for the Mint Sauce that I almost always serve alongside roast lamb. I mentioned, in that post, that I also use the sauce as a marinade occasionally, and that is what I will be doing here. Actually, I really hadn’t planned to do a post about this particular meal but the cut of lamb I bought was a little unusual and I thought I would show you what I did…

Mint Marinated Lamb Roast 2

Here is a picture of the little cut of lamb I bought. I thought it was a regular, un-frenched, rack but when I opened it I discovered that there were basically no rib bones under the loose flap of skin and meat, just little nubs extending from the chine. The chine, contrary to what I usually expect, was not sawn through anywhere and, lacking a cleaver to do the job myself (mine is down south with my wife), I anticipated a tricky bit of carving once the joint was roasted. As you can see, though, I made cuts through the skin and fat at roughly the position of the ribs in order to allow the marinade to penetrate.

Mint Marinated Lamb Roast 3

After rubbing the joint with a little salt, I made up a batch of my mint sauce and poured a decent amount over the meat, allowing it to sit for the rest of the day to marinate. You can see the remainder of the mint sauce in the glass behind the marinating dish and I saved this to pass with the cooked meat as a sauce at the table.

Mint Marinated Lamb Roast 4

I wasn’t completely sure how I should roast this and I eventually opted to put it into a 450 degree oven. I anticipated about 25 minutes should do it but I actually left it in for almost 35 minutes and this did the trick pretty well. I would have liked the outside skin and fat to be just a little crispier but the meat would have cooked beyond the rare I was seeking. With a similar cut, next time, I might increase the heat to as much as 500 degrees.

Mint Marinated Lamb Roast 5

Anyway, the lamb turned out nicely rare and was very tender and tasty. After saving the mint sauce, I forgot to serve it but the result was still deliciously minty. Alongside, in addition to potato boiled in the jacket, I served a zucchini and mushroom dish that will be featured in an upcoming post. This dish was actually the reason I bought the mint and normally I wouldn’t serve two items together that use the same basic flavoring. I was in experiment-mode on this occasion, not preparing a meal for guests, and, in fact, the two went well together…



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