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Notable Nosh: Shepherd’s Pie Mini Yorkies


Mini Yorkies

I had this interesting little appetizer dish at D’Arcy McGee’s Pub in the Ottawa Airport not long ago and I decided to share it as I thought the basic idea was quite clever. I am always looking for different ways of serving different things and using a Yorkshire Pudding as a ‘base’ is definitely well worth stealing.

The menu described the mini ‘Yorkie’ filling as being lean ground beef, peas, corn and carrots simmered in rich brown gravy and topped with buttermilk mashed potatoes and creamed corn. It may not be easy to tell from my picture, but each of the four ‘Yorkies’ were about three centimeters across and the four of the, together made a pretty darn satisfying appetizer… Indeed, they ended up being a light supper for me.

On the whole, the most you can say about the filling was that it was pretty much like your basic Shepherd’s Pie. It had a nice ‘meaty’ gravy to add the right amount of ‘juiciness’ and it was fairly nicely seasoned, if being just a bit bland. I think just a bit of sage and thyme would really add a nice little fillip. The potato was okay (garlic mash might be nice) but the blob of creamed corn added little to the taste and really didn’t look that great. I would choose something else as a garnish myself.

Anyway, as I say, the basic idea here is really good and I want to see what I can do with it at home. Sadly, though I have been enjoying Yorkshire Pudding since I was a kid, I have never made it myself. Naturally, I’ll be doing a bit of experimenting before you hear from me on this topic again…



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2 thoughts on “Notable Nosh: Shepherd’s Pie Mini Yorkies

  1. This sounds like something I want to try at home also. I love the idea and I’ve been making Yorkshire pudding for years -probably something that intrigued me on the BBC many years ago. I agree that the creamed corned garnish is a bit odd. A sprig of fresh herbs is probably how I’d go. Lovely review.

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