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Review: Rose and Crown Pub

10235 101 St., Edmonton – Website

Rose and Crown 1

Date of Visit: July 9, 2015

I arrived at this place after a 3 minute walk from my hotel on a very, very hot afternoon. Within minutes of being seated, I discovered that the establishment is owned by the same group, and has exactly the same drink and food menu, as the Sherlock Holes Pub I visited the day before. I was a little bit disappointed by this but it was over 30 degrees outside and I decided to stay…

Ambience and Service

Rose and Crown 2

The interior is somewhat similar to the inside of the Holmes establishment as it is finished in the same sort of faux Elizabethan blackened beam style. The furniture is a touch more modern and the decoration a little plainer (and less interesting), but the major difference is that the Rose and Crown is larger and considerably less cramped. It was 5 pm when I was seated and already the office crowd was making the place quite lively and cheerfully noisy. I was surprised, though, that by the time I ordered my meal at 6:45, or so, the place had pretty much cleared out, which seemed quite odd for a Thursday evening.

There seemed to be quite a large number of staff on duty and, here, the kitchen is partly open so even the cooks can be seen. My waitress, though young and apparently fairly new, was very friendly and seemed to be working as hard as everyone else clearly was. My only complaint on the service was that I kept getting asked, every 5 minutes or so, if I was ready to eat. It was a little annoying but not overly so.

The menu, as I have mentioned, is the same as at Sherlock Holmes ( and is available at the website). I decided against any of the items that you can get find on any pub menu, such as burgers, or the like, and went for something somewhat unique. I was very much tempted by the Cottage Pie they have on offer, but instead went a different way…

My Meal

Rose and Crown 3

Irish Pot Roast – The menu describes this as Braised Lamb Shank, boiled potatoes and root vegetables, served with Irish Soda Bread. The best I can say about this is that if I cooked in my own kitchen, I would be pretty pleased with the result. I was however given something I wasn’t expecting from the description… Instead of meat, potatoes and veggies occupying different parts of the plate , with just the meat in the braising ‘jus’, I got a medium thick stew containing chunks of potato, carrot, and onion with a whole lamb shank in the middle. I didn’t mind too much except that it was hard to cut the meat without making a mess and I had to eat a good amount of the stew first. Mostly, I was pleased to find that the lamb came easily from the bone but was not so over braised as to have lost its flavor. I didn’t like the Soda bread much but, in fairness, I have never really cared for it anyway. It was a good meal, all told, and I gave it a 4 out 5.


I have to say that I preferred the coziness of the Sherlock Holmes Pub to this place but it is also quite nice too and I had a pretty decent time on the whole. I rated it at a decent 4 out of 5.


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