Edmonton: City of lazy cyclists?

Edmonton 2

Well, folks, my trip to Edmonton (announced over a month ago) is now over and followers of my blog will see that I have posted 14 restaurant reviews from that city. It was a pretty good trip all in all but it was really nice to be back in my own kitchen again.

BTW, I am sure that a lot of people will think me a major rube for taking a picture of a bike rack on a bus but I have actually never seen one before.  It made me wonder…

  • Do cyclists in Edmonton get tired really easily?
  • Are Edmonton buses prone to breakdowns a lot… OR
  • Do Edmonton bus drivers get to mount trophies when they hit people on bikes?

Anyway, I’m back in the North and glad of the cooler temperatures… just not crazy about starting Court circuits again (sigh)…


4 thoughts on “Edmonton: City of lazy cyclists?”

  1. Hey, bike racks are all on all Vancouver buses. All buses. And it encourages people to bike more often when the weather might turn lousy.

    Toronto is following suit and Calgary more slowly. Calgary is suburban sprawl, so bike racks would encourage more people to take a bike and then go home if they are tired/it’s raining, snowing or too windy (those damn chinook winds!). It is the prairies…..

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