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Review: L’Atitudes Restaurant, Yellowknife

5010 49 St, Yellowknife, Yellowknife

L'Atitudes 01

Date of Visit: October 2, 2015

This restaurant is part of the Yellowknife Inn but, rather than being inside the hotel itself, it is located in the Center Square Mall to which the hotel is attached. I probably wouldn’t have found myself here except that I was booked into the Inn during a layover in Yellowknife and it was a handy spot for breakfast.
L'Atitudes 02

The place is clean and nicely appointed and seats about 50 or 60, I would guess. It was not quite 9:30 when I arrived and here were only a half-dozen tables occupied. There was just one waitress on duty and, though she seemed a little grumpy at first, she warmed up and was actually quite friendly.

The cuisine on offer  is generally very plain and simple and the prices seemed to be quite reasonable. Although it was early, the waitress let me look a the lunch/supper menu and I saw that it consists mainly of pub or diner type fare featuring soups, salads, burgers, wraps and a few more substantial dishes. The only one that particularly caught my eye as being a bit unique was the Bison Chili, which sounded interesting. The waitress did add that they do specials every evening with Steak being one, and Steamed Mussels another.

Given the time, I was of=course restricted to the breakfast menu which, again, is fairly simple. One item is called the ‘Miner’s Breakfast’ and apparently consists of double portions of eggs, sausage , pancakes and home-fries, as well as toast. That seemed a little much for me and I opted for something just a bit less gargantuan.

L'Atitudes 03

Steak and Eggs – As you can see, this came with 2 eggs (I ordered mine scrambled), home fries and thickly sliced toast. The home fries were a pleasant surprise as they were not the tiny frozen ones you often get, but were rather good sized chunks of potato with the skin still on. They were much tastier than the commercially packaged type, although not as good as my own home-made. The steak was a 6oz NY strip that was nicely cooked to a medium rare despite being quite thin. It was quite liberally seasoned and I suspect many peeple would find it a bit overly salty. I liked it just fine, though, and I felt the meal, for the price, was very good. I rated it at a 4 out of 5


Latitudes is a nice spot for a quick meal if all you want is something plain and simple at a decent price. It offers good value rather than frills and deserves a definite 4 out of 5.


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