The Arctic Fox

Fox 1

I have lived in Nunavut for going on 16 years now but until this past week I had only ever seen one Arctic Fox. On my recent trip to Cambridge Bay, however, I had at least a half-dozen sightings on each of the six days I was there. What was particularly odd about this was that these all occurred right in the middle of town and mostly from the apartment I was billeted in for the week. It was hard trying to get decent pictures of them, and most I took were very poor, but read on to see the few that did turn out fairly well…

Fox 2

The secretary at the legal aid clinic told me that it is highly unusual for foxes to appear in town. We speculated that there must be an unusually high number of them this year or, possibly, a dearth of their usual prey.

Fox 3

Most of my sightings and photographic attempts were much like this. My camera takes a good thirty seconds to warm up and by the time I fumbled it out of my pocket and got it ready, my quarry was often gone already.

Fox 4

This is about my best shot, and certainly the closest. I actually had a closer encounter (only six feet or so), but I couldn’t get my camera out in time. I was standing on the steps of my apartment when a little head poked out beneath a van parked beside me, took a quick look at me and then darted back under cover. I thought it was gone but a few seconds later it appeared again, took a (much longer) look at me once more before disappearing. I guess Arctic Foxes haven’t had too many sightings of me either…


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