Review: Red Apple Restaurant

4701 Franklin Avenue, Yellowknife

Date of Visit: October 3, 2015


The Red Apple is fairly close to a hotel I stayed in overnight and it was handy for a quick spot of breakfast one morning, I actually ate here (again for breakfast) many, many years ago and it doesn’t look to have changed a great deal in the meantime. Still, it is a pretty good place for cheap meal…


Ambience and Service



The restaurant is very much in the diner style and has a comfortable, easy warmth about it. It appears to be owned by an Asian family and the husband and wife team who served me were both polite and pleasant. I was there quite early, just as the breakfast rush was getting underway, and I had coffee being poured for me even before I sat down.


The menu covers both Canadian and Chinese cuisine later in the day, and they do a fairly sizeable buffet judging by the length of the steam table I saw against one wall. The breakfast menu has the usual combinations, as well as 8 different omelet choices but I was in the mood for something filling but not too starchy…


My Meal



I asked the waiter if I could order ‘sides’ of certain items as the menu didn’t have a separate price for things like bacon, or eggs, which appear as part of combinations. He said I could but it would cost me more and I opted for sides of sausage, ham and white toast. I was surprised that I was given so many sausages and pieces of ham and, also, that it wasn’t as expensive as the waiter gave me to anticipate. It’s hard to go wrong cooking these items, to be sure, but everything about this breakfast was delicious.




I like this place for breakfast as it is cozy, friendly and serves good food at a good price. I’d like to come back for an evening meal sometime if my travel permits  but, until then, I am giving this place a 5 out of 5.


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