Review: The Kilt and Castle – Yellowknife, NWT

5019 49th St., Yellowknife – Facebook

Date of Visit: October, 2015


I first saw this place in September of this year and I was surprised I had not noticed it before until I learned that it had just opened a month earlier. I didn’t get to stop by on that particular trip to Yellowknife but, on my next, I was able to visit twice and had both a good meal a very nice time…

Ambience and Service

The establishment sits just down the street from the Yellowknife Inn and consists of a pub on the lower floor, which seats about 60 or so, and a restaurant upstairs. I did not see the latter as it is not open to the public tonight but my waitress down in the pub confided to me that it was going to be quite special with the waitresses all attired in ‘black dresses’ (in contrast to the attractive white shirts and short kilts downstairs).

I arrived at about 9pm on a Thursday night and the place was a little over half-full. There was music playing but it wasn’t so loud as to drown out the general buzz of conversation. Inside the pub, there are 5 TV screens playing simultaneously (as is getting more and more common), but, other than that, the décor was pretty much a vague ‘historical’ look, with lots of wood and stone. The place looks to be capitalizing on the same sort of atmosphere provided at the Black Knight Pub just a few blocks away. In that case, though, the patina of age comes by a bit more honestly as the Black Knight has been around for a while and is just a bit shabby. Here, everything was clean, new, and very comfortable.

I made two visits to this place during the course of a week; the first was just for a couple of drinks and, on that occasion, the service was a little abrupt. I think, however, that my arrival coincided with a shift change and, on my next visit, for a meal, my waitress and the bartended were both very pleasant and helped add to what was a very convivial atmosphere. The Menu is pretty much the sort you would expect in a bar (nachos and the like) but it definitely has an Irish slant with one or two unique offerings… One can select Boxty , or Irish Dumplings, and for burgers, they offer a Guinness BBQ Burger and a ‘Drunken Irish’ Chicken Burger. I am not sure if it is the chicken who is drunk, or the Irishman who cooks it….

My Meal

Traditional Irish Shepherd’s Pie – I chose this offering as it sounded very interesting. It was described as consisting of a ‘bed of ground beef with peas, carrot and corn, topped with mashed potatoes and Irish Stew. Irish Stew comes separately on the menu, so this selection offered you the choice of two meals in one, almost. The ‘pie’ part of the dish was pretty much as advertised and very good while the healthy topping of stew was chunks of beef, potatoes, carrot and turnip in a rich gravy that helped moisten everything else. It was good, hearty comfort food and deserved an unstinting 5 out of 5.


The Kilt and Castle is a nice friendly place with a pleasant atmosphere and good service. I enjoyed the meal I had and look forward to trying the upstairs restaurant whenever I can. I rated it at a 5 out of 5.

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