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Bok Choy and Mushrooms

Bok Choy and Mushrooms 1

The very simplicity of this vegetable dish lends it a sort of elegance and the nature of the seasonings makes it very versatile as well as easy to put together. It would be as well at home as a dish in an Asian meal as it would a vegetable side for western style roasts, steaks, or almost anything else…


The Ingredients

  • 2 – 3 large Shanghai Style Bok Choy;
  • 6 small dried Black Chinese Mushrooms, reconstituted;
  • ½ a small, white Onion;
  • 4 Garlic cloves;
  • ½ cup Chicken Stock (or substitute vegetable stock for a vegan version);
  • ½ tsp. each, Salt and Sugar;
  • 1 tsp. Cornstarch.

Bok Choy and Mushrooms 2

First, slice the bok choy cross-wise, keeping the stalks and leaves separate. You need about 3 cups or so all together. Next, chop the garlic, slice the mushroom caps in strips and cut the onion lengthwise and separate the segments.

Bok Choy and Mushrooms 3

Mix the salt, sugar and cornstarch with a little water to make a smooth paste and then stir in the chicken stock.

Bok Choy and Mushrooms 4

Heat a little oil in a pan over moderate heat and saute the garlic, bok choy stalks and mushrooms. When the stalks are getting tender, add in the onion and cook for a minute or so longer.

Bok Choy and Mushrooms 5

Lastly, add the sauce mix and the bok choy leaves. Stir until the greens are just wilted and serve hot.



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