Month: February 2016

Mini Lahmadjo

Mini Lahmadjo 1

I first came across a recipe for Lahamdjo in a Russian cookery book I have. Lahmadjo is actually Armenian in origin (indeed it is sometimes called ‘Armenian Pizza’), but the book includes recipes from several ex-Soviet republics and has some great stuff.

Like the more traditional pizza, Lahmadjo can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and with all sorts of toppings. The one essential is ground meat (typically lamb, beef, or a combination of the two), but, beyond that, almost anything goes, even cheese in some instances. Traditionally, the ‘pizza’ is based on the Armenian unleavened flat-bread known as ‘Lavash’, but many recipes I’ve looked at use a basic pizza-style bread dough. I have even seen tortillas being used as a substitute and, here, I am ‘cheating’ and using the pre-made pizza dough that you can buy in a tube at the supermarket… Continue reading “Mini Lahmadjo”

Review: Big Easy’s, Ottawa

228 Preston Street. Ottawa – Website

Big Easy's 1

Date of Visit: January, 2016

Big Easy’s is on Preston Street in the ‘Little Italy’ district of Ottawa. I had made a specific decision to visit the place in advance of my last visit to the Capital, largely due to the lure of their raw oyster bar. I went there for lunch one day and had not only a nice selection of oysters but a few other small dishes and a very pleasant time as well… Continue reading “Review: Big Easy’s, Ottawa”

Glazed Parsnips

Glazed Parsnips 1

Parsnips are one of those vegetables that people seem either to love or hate. Happily, I fall into the former camp and one of the ways I like them most is roasted whole alongside a joint of beef, or poultry. Unfortunately, roasting them is not always the most convenient method for cooking, especially if you are trying to use the oven for other parts of a meal at the same time. Arranging for a mutually compatible heat setting is not always possible, and a certain amount of guesswork as to when to put the parsnips into the oven is often required.

One way to enjoy roast parsnips, especially nicely glazed ones, is to do the actual roasting ahead of time (hours or even days ahead, is fine), and then finish the cooking by reheating in a sauce that is then reduced to form your glaze. The following recipe produces a lovely side-dish for almost any meat… Continue reading “Glazed Parsnips”

Review: Oriental House, Ottawa

266 Elgin St., Ottawa – Website

Oriental House 1

Date of Visit: January, 2016


I dropped into Oriental House as I needed somewhere quick for lunch one day and it happens to be close to the hotel where I was staying. I was surprised, after I had been there for a few minutes, to suddenly remember that I had been at the same place with my wife over 10 years earlier. I don’t recall much about that meal, but the lunch I had on my recent visit was pretty decent… Continue reading “Review: Oriental House, Ottawa”

Review: Sir John A Pub, Ottawa

284 Elgin St, Ottawa – Website

Sir John 1

Date of Visit: January, 2016


The Sir John A is named after Sir John A. MacDonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister, and it is perhaps rather apt that a pub be named after him as he has gone down in history as something of a major tippler. I paid a visit to the place on a Thursday afternoon, to sample a few local ales and read, and I ended up staying for supper. Not only did I taste several beers that were new to me, I also got to try a dish I had never had before… Continue reading “Review: Sir John A Pub, Ottawa”

Hoisin Ribs

Hoisin Ribs 01

Years ago, when I lived in Woodstock, New Brunswick, there was a Chinese restaurant not far from my house. It was a very much a westernized Chinese eatery, and, in general, the food wasn’t especially remarkable, but they did a glazed rib dish on their lunchtime buffet that was always excellent. In particular, they used much longer ribs than the typical one-inch deals in the standard ‘Honey-Garlic Ribs’ and they were never cooked to the point that the meat fell apart. The glazing sauce was very simple – sweet with a nice malty background taste – and it wasn’t until a long time afterwards that I finally recognized it as being little else other than Hoisin Sauce. Today’s presentation duplicates those ribs as best as could manage. You can, of course, do a much larger batch as a main course offering, but I used a pound of nicely cut back ribs to make an appetizer, or Dim Sum type dish… Continue reading “Hoisin Ribs”

Review: Genji, Ottawa

175 Lisgar St., Ottawa – Website

Genji 1
Date of Visit: January, 2016

Genji is a very small place on Lisgar street, just off Elgin, and it is not a place I would have walked past or otherwise noticed had I not come across it while searching the Internet for places to eat near the hotel where I was staying. I tried it out for supper one evening and, though my meal wasn’t great, it was interesting enough to make me glad I went… Continue reading “Review: Genji, Ottawa”

Review: Woody’s Urban Pub, Ottawa

330 Elgin St, Ottawa – Website

Woody's 1

Date of Visit: January, 2016

I ventured into Woody’s just before noon on a Sunday and discovered that they do a brunch each week-end. I wasn’t really interested in what they had to offer brunch-wise, but I did stay for a few beers and ended up having a fairly decent lunch off their regular menu … Continue reading “Review: Woody’s Urban Pub, Ottawa”