Notable Nosh: The Oyster Shooter

The Oyster Shooter 1

At the Charlottetown restaurant called John Brown’s Richmond Street Grille, where I tried this delicacy, it is known as an ‘Oystered In’, and  consists of one raw oyster in a PEI potato vodka. The restaurant, on this particular day, was serving the ‘Raspberry Point’ variety. These oysters had not shown themselves to be at their best this year ( or so it seemed to me after several samplings) and so this seemed a pretty good way of consuming them. I was actually a bit surprised that the oyster was not already placed in the vodka when it arrived, but my waitress said they leave this part up to the customer. I chose to dump mine right in…

Anyway, it seemed a shame to toss the whole thing right back in one go, so I allowed myself to swallow the vodka right away and then chew the oyster before swallowing. The vodka, by the way, turned out to be the best I have ever had, with some lovely woody notes, while the oyster, I have to say, was actually improved by its ‘dip’. Indeed, I could quite cheerfully continue on with these all day, if , of course, I didn’t pass out first….

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