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Notable Nosh: The Duck Burger

The Duck Burger

My few experiences with Confit of Duck have pretty much been as part of high-end Charcuterie plates, or other expensive restaurant dishes, so I was interested to see this gourmet specialty included in a burger. The impressive sandwich you see pictured above is actually named the ‘Luxe Burger’ and is named (presumably) after the Luxe Bistro where I ate it. It is described on the menu as containing ‘Duck Confit, Cheese Curd, Duck Jus, and Caramelized Onion Mayo’, and it sounded interesting enough to make curious…

By the way, Luxe Bistro, I saw, also does an ‘Obama Burger’, which features grilled pineapple and shaved ham, as well as the simply named ‘Lobster Burger’, which is made with sautéed Lobster, Fontina Cheese, and Garlic Mayo. The latter sounded pretty interesting, if a little rich, but I was on my way to PEI (with expectations of at least one lobster feast during my stay), so I decided against trying it.

Anyway, the Luxe Burger, it turned out, actually contained a regular beef patty with a the duck meat on top. I had expected there to be just the confit meat so I wasn’t sure if I was pleased or disappointed by the actual state of affairs. On reflection though, it strikes me that, without the patty, it wouldn’t, strictly speaking, be a burger, rather just a duck sandwich on a bun.

Well, to cut to the chase, the combination of the beef patty and the duck meat worked very nicely. To be honest, without knowing the additional meat was duck, I might not have guessed what it was, but the combination made for a very rich and meaty goodness that either alone couldn’t have achieved. The burger was garnished with pickle, tomato and lettuce, all of which I like, but I hate burgers that are so stuffed they make messy eating so I ate these separately. I can’t say I could really detect the caramelized onion mayo in particular, but the whole affair was very juicily moist and had a nice additional sweetness so I presume that this came from the condiment. In short, I very much enjoyed this and it has inspired me to maybe try using duck confit in something similar… a tortilla wrap, or taco shells maybe?


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