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Review: Lobster on the Wharf

2 Prince St., Charlottetown, PEI – Website

Lobster Wharf 1B

Date of Visit: July, 2016

This place, as the name suggests, sits right on the water about a block or so away from the Convention Center on Queen St. It is a very attractive building from the outside and has outdoor decks on three levels, the last of these being on pilings right over the gently lapping harbor waters. I had already had one fix of boiled lobster on my summer visit to the island but I had to have one more before going home. I have to say that, after my meal on the pleasant outside deck, I wished I’d come here first…

Lobster Wharf 2B

I chose to sit outside as it was a really heavenly day. The sun was quite fierce but there was a slight breeze and all the tables on the deck are protected with umbrellas that provide nice shade. From where I chose to sit, I had a terrific view out across the harbor and of the pretty marina next door.

Lobster Wharf 3A

The interior of the place is also very nice and divided into two separate dining rooms along with the bar. The furnishings and decorations are very plain, but comfortably functional, and both seating areas are open and airy with much the same view as afforded from the decks.

The menu, I was interested to note, lists the names of items in Japanese as well as English, and, as one would expect, leans heavily towards seafood in general, and lobster in particular. There are some ‘turf’ selections, like steak and ribs, and you can also get a burger, halibut tacos, and a couple of pasta dishes. One selection I would like to come back for, if possible, is the Seafood Platter, which allows you to select anywhere from 3 to 9 items from a pretty delectable list.

Lobster Wharf 4

One of the things I like about this place is that, unlike other restaurants, you are not limited to a particular size of lobster (one and a half pounders seem the most common) but, instead, can order whatever is available. There is actually a small lobster and shellfish market right in the building where you can go and see the live lobster in tanks. The menu doesn’t specify that you can go and pick your lobster ( or oysters), but I can’t think they would refuse you if you asked.


My Lobster

Lobster Wharf 5

I chose a two pound specimen for my feast as I find that lobsters between about two and two and a half pounds give best value and flavor. At this restaurant, the steamed lobster is served simply with drawn butter and lemon without sides like slaw or potatoes. With anything over two pounds, though, you really don’t need much else. Mine arrived as you see pictured and it took me a little bit over an hour to finish it, leaving no fragment of shell unpicked. It was, I have to say, the nicest lobster I have had for many years and I will be remembering it as one of the high spots of my visit.



I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Lobster on the Wharf. Everything about, from food, to service, to atmosphere was absolutely top-notch. If you are visiting Charlottetown, this really is one place you shouldn’t miss. It rates an unstinting 5 out of 5.


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