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Snow Peas with Chinese Sausage

Snowpea and Sausage 1

The sweet, apple-like quality of Chinese Preserved Sausage is often paired with more robust green vegetables such as Gai-Lan, or green-beans, but I think it also works nicely with the more delicate crispness of fresh snow-pea pods. You could, of course. Increase the amounts over those used here and serve everything as a larger entrée dish as part of a Chinese meal but it is quite rich and I conceived it as more of an appetizer, or a small offering served in a series of dim-sum type dishes…


  • 1 small package of Snow peas;
  • 2 Chinese Sausages;
  • ½ a small Onion;
  • 1 pinch Sugar;
  • 1 splash each of Soy Sauce and Rice Wine (or Sherry);

Snowpea and Sausage 2

To prepare Snow-peas, you should take a little time to remove the ‘strings’ that line the edge of the pods. This is not critical, but they are quite tough and removing them will result in a more tender and digestible vegetable.


Snowpea and Sausage 3

Slice your sausage obliquely into thin sections then, slice the onion vertically into very narrow wedges and separate the ‘petals’.


Snowpea and Sausage 4

The appearance and texture of the dish will be improved if you first blanch the pea pods in boiling salted water for a minute or so and then arrest the cooking process by plunging them into very cold water.


Snowpea and Sausage 5

Heat a little oil over a moderate to high flame and then quickly saute the sausage slices until they throw off a little flat and darken ever so slightly.


Snowpea and Sausage 6

Now add the snow-peas and saute for another  minute or so until the pods are crisp-tender and heated through.


Snowpea and Sausage 7

Finally add the sugar, soy and rice wine (or sherry). You are not trying to create a sauce here (hence the small amounts of each), rather the idea is to produce a quick glaze. This will happen in just a few seconds and once the ingredients are all coated, you should serve immediately.


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