Merry Christmas Everyone!


My Christmas Eve Dinner this year was the humongous affair you see pictured above. Fish, and nowadays shellfish as well, has long been traditional Christmas Eve fare among the Italians but this is the first time I have given it a try. The melange you see above is Lobster, King Crab, Mussels, Shrimp and Scallops all steamed together with a broth made from Wakame Seaweed and White Wine. On the side I had fresh bread and garlic butter with just a dash of lemon. The ingredients were all of the frozen variety, sadly, but I think I may make this a new tradition for the holiday season.

Christmas Dinner is waiting to go into the oven at present. My wife and I are each cooking a leg of lamb at the same time; She on Long Island in Nova Scotia, and me on my my much larger island here in the Arctic. We’ll need to be on the phone from time to time to co-ordinate, but I am expecting the results to be delicious.

Here’s wishing you all equally wonderful holiday noshing….



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