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Foodstuff: Lamb Sausage


In the last few months, the availability and variety of lamb products has expanded tremendously up here on Baffin Island. Lamb has never traditionally been a widely popular meat in Canada and I attribute the new increased demand to signal a shift in the demographic. There has been a Mosque here in Iqaluit for about a year now and, since I haven’t noticed any sudden influx of Australians or Greeks of late, I rather think that the noticeably increased numbers of immigrants from the Middle East has brought about this welcome change.

Anyway, in addition to some other lamb products, there is a new line of packaged items produced under the name LÄM, a registered trademark of the ‘Canadian Lamb Producers Co-operative’. The website for the cooperative lists their products as being Burgers, Sausages, Kabobs and Meatballs, and, thus far, I have seen the first three of these available locally. I mean to try the Burgers and Kabobs in due course but, today, I am going to try out the Sausage…


Each box of Sausages contains 10 links, frozen together in a vacuum sealed bag. I thought, when I first saw this, that it separating the individual sausages would be difficult but, in the event, this turned out not to be so.

The packaging describes these links as being ‘Breakfast Sausage’ but I think that this less reflects the suggested use than it does the size, which is very much in the mold of the ‘Chipolata’ style typically served at breakfast rather than say, on the grill, or with mashed spuds for supper.



The cooking instructions direct you to cook from frozen and provide for cooking in the oven, or by frying in a pan. I chose the latter. Here, you are supposed to bake in an oiled baking pan at 350 degrees for ’15 minutes or until done’. I found that 25 or 30 minutes was a better cooking time at this temperature, especially if you like your sausage nicely browned with just a touch of crispy bite to the skin.



The finished Sausage has a very nice texture and the aroma is very pleasant. The package lists the ingredients as being ‘Canadian Lamb, Water, Lentil Flour, Salt, and Spices’ and a seal on the front of the box declares the links to be Halal (which rather reinforces my guess that the appearance of these products represents a burgeoning population of Middle Easterners).

The taste is quite definitely lamb and, in particular, reminded me of the rather fatty meat from the flanks and ribs. I wasn’t really able to determine what the ‘Spices’ might be but there was a noticeable pungency as one gets with Pepper, and a faint ‘herbaceous’ quality that made me think of thyme. There was no greasiness at all (which I was rather expecting), and, all in all, I thought these very nice indeed.



Finally, I did have some of the sausages in this package for breakfast, along with scrambled eggs and tomatoes, but I rather liked the idea of serving them as a hot snack or appetizer with Mint Sauce as you see pictured above…



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2 thoughts on “Foodstuff: Lamb Sausage

  1. Very interesting and informative, thank you Sybaritica. I love lamb, especially lamb shanks. And you are right about the lack of lamb in markets, in North America. I have seen the LAM mark somewhere over the years, but now I will seek it out in my favorite groceries, especially since we share a border with Canada. I’m not a large consumer of meat these days…but good quality meat is always desirable.

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