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Twice Cooked Lamb with Onion


This post is a follow up to my last and, again, uses lamb leftover from my Christmas dinner. Although it looks vaguely Chinese, it is pretty western in character and could easily be served with potato, or even as a filling for Naan or Pita breads…

The Ingredients

  • 3/4lb of Lamb leftovers;
  • 1 medium to large White Onion;
  • 1 pinch Garlic Salt;
  • ¼ cup Sherry (more or less);



First cut up the lamb into bite sized pieces and slice the onion into thin slivers vertically. As far as is possible, depending on the shape of the leftover lamb chunks, try to keep the lamb pieces uniform in size and shape.


Twice Cooked Lamb with Onion 3.jpg

Heat you pan to very high and add a generous slosh of oil. Then, adding the lamb pieces a few at a time to avoid lowering the heat in the pan too much, saute the meat until well browned and starting to get a bit crispy here and there.



Add the onions and the garlic salt then continue to saute. When the first slivers of onion begin to brown at the edges, add a splash of the sherry and deglaze the bottom of the pan as you toss and stir. Continue doing this until the onions are very dark and the deglazing juices coat everything nicely. Serve while good and hot.

2 thoughts on “Twice Cooked Lamb with Onion

  1. I hope lamb becomes more prevalent in my county…shanks or racks are all I ever see…subsequently, I never would have thought to make a quick and tasty dish like this one..

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