Sad news on the farm front…


On December 5th, my wife discovered that one of her cows had delivered a calf. As it was male (and thus destined for the butcher in about 18 months), she named if ‘Mignon’, as in ‘Filet Mignon’. Her other cow was also obviously pregnant too and there were high hopes it would be a female ( which would be a ‘keeper’ to increase the herd). I was promised that I would have the honor of naming it when the happy day arrived…

Anyway, just a few days ago, Darlene called and excitedly reported a new calf, female this time. Unfortunately, I won’t get the chance to name it as the poor little thing didn’t make it.

As sometimes happens, the bull kept interfering with the mother and calf, making nursing difficult. My wife kept an eye on things but. later in the day she went out and couldn’t see the calf. Tragically, it had fallen into a (very cold) brook. She managed, after a great deal off effort, to pull it out and then she actually took it into the house to try to keep it warm. … No luck, though, the little thing died shortly after. Not a good day 😦

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