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Mint-Jalapeño Salsa


I first put together the prototype of this sauce for use as a condiment with some grilled lamb skewers. I liked the result very much and, since making the first batch, I began to think of other ways it might be used. It is very simple to make as well as being versatile, so I thought I would share the basic recipe with you today…

The Ingredients

  • 11/2 – 2 cups fresh Mint Leaves;
  • 3 Scallions, chopped;
  • 3 small Jalapeños, seeded and chopped;
  • ½ cup light Olive Oil (more or less);
  • ¾ tsp. Salt;
  • 1 generous pinch Black Pepper;
  • 2 Tbsp. Vinegar.



All you need do is put all the ingredients into a food processor and blend well until as smooth as possible. I have left the actual amount of oil a little vague as you may wish to use more or less depending on the thickness of the finished sauce that you desire. Once blended, all you need do is pop it in the fridge and let the flavors meld together overnight.

As I say, I first used this to drizzle over skewers of lamb chunks with onion but there are many possibilities for the sauce including:

  • As a marinade, either standalone or blended with a little yogurt;
  • As a cold sauce for lamb or Donair meat, again alone, or with yogurt;
  • As a dip for whatever you like; or,
  • As a warm sauce for roast lamb, or various vegetables.

You can, of course, extend the basic flavors with the additional ingredients (rosemary, or capers perhaps) and make it thinner with extra vinegar, lemon juice, or whatever you like. I will be posting some of my experiments with this batch in due course but I hope you will have fun playing with the basic theme yourselves.


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