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Lamb Patty with Mint-Jalapeno Salsa


Today’s post accomplishes a couple of things… First, back on January 7th, I took a look at LÄM Brand Lamb Sausage and I mentioned that I would be trying the Lamb burgers from the same company in due course. Well, in today’s post, I did a taste test of the plain burger for you and I also used one to prepare the dish you see pictured above. The other thing this post accomplishes is illustrating another use for the Mint-Jalapeno Salsa  I recently prepared for you…


Here is the package of the Lamb Burgers with two of the burgers removed (there are 4 in each package). The ingredients are almost exactly the same as for the sausage (including the lentil flour as a binder) but, in addition to the ‘Spices’, garlic and onion flakes are also listed.



For today’s dish, I am serving my lab burger patty atop some slices of Zucchini that are first marinated in a little of my home-made Mint Sauce, a pinch of salt and a splash of Olive Oil. In place of home-made mint sauce, you could use a commercial variety if you like.



The package for the burgers states that they should be cooked from frozen and are best grilled on a barbecue. For pan-frying (as I was limited to), the manufacturer recommends cooking for about 5 minutes per side and also indicates that you shouldn’t use too high a heat. I presume this is to prevent the outside becoming overdone and leaving the meat underdone in the middle.



Here you can see the cut surface of the burger I tried for my taste test. Like the sausages from the same company, the taste is very like that of lamb cut from the ribs and flank rather than, say, the leg. It has a definite taste of the ‘fell’, or thin membrane that covers the outer fat layers in some lamb cuts, and I think this is one of the nicest tastes of lam bas a whole. The seasonings, again like the sausage, are very understated and this is good as it allows for a bit more versatility.



The marinated zucchini slices were next grilled on a ridged pan until lightly browned. A barbecue might produce a nicer smoky effect, but this method is just fine.



For the final cooking step, I covered the patty with some of my Mint-Jalapeno Salsa, topped this with crumbled Feta Cheese, and popped it under the broiler until the cheese started to brown a little. For service, I put the lamb on top of the grilled zucchini, and drizzled a little more salsa around the burger (which I first diluted with a little vinegar and heated for a few seconds in the microwave). The result, I have to say, was very nice indeed.

Maybe next time I might add a little more feta, and I think that, though the zucchini slices were great, this production might be very nice on a bun like a regular ‘burger’…



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