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Omelet with Salted Radish and Conpoy

Omelet with Preserved Radish and Compoy 1

This omelettes, or egg-cakes, picture here contain Preserved Radish and Conpoy and are thus quite Chinese in character, although I don’t know if this particular combination has actually ever been tried before. I had first thought of serving them with the typical ‘brown sauce’ that was once common on westernized versions of ‘Egg Foo Yung’ but, instead, I went a little Japanese and just drizzled them with a little ‘Eel Sauce’, sweet condiment rather like Chinese Oyster Sauce, that one often encounters topping the Japanese ‘pizza’ known as Okonmiyaki. If this is not something you have on hand, you could substitute a little Oyster Sauce with a little rice wine and sugar added…

The Ingredients

  • 2 Eggs;
  • 5 – 6 Conpoy (dried Scallops);
  • 2 Tbsp. of minced Preserved Radish;
  • 1 Scallion, white part minced and the green part sliced into sections;
  • 1 tsp. Cornstarch;
  • White Pepper;
  • Eel Sauce (or any desired substitute).


Omelet with Preserved Radish and Compoy 2

First, put your conpoy in a little bowl and pour over boiling water to cover. Allow this to cool and let the scallops soak until softened (I usually do this the day before and leave the bowl in the fridge overnight, but that is just for convenience… they soften much quicker than that).


Omelet with Preserved Radish and Compoy 3

Next, take the conpoy out of the bowl (but reserve the soaking water) and shred them by hand. Then, stir a little of the soaking water into the cornstarch to make a paste then add enough so you have about ¼ cup or so.


Omelet with Preserved Radish and Compoy 4

Now beat your eggs and stir in all the ingredients except the scallion greens.


Omelet with Preserved Radish and Compoy 5

Now, if you like, you can cook one big omelette and fold it western-style, or a bunch of tiny ones. Here, I am using an old tomato can with the bottom cut out to make a mold for nicely rounded and thick ‘cakes’. I cooked mine, one at a time, inside the can (with a plate on top to keep the heat inside), just until the mix had set.


Omelet with Preserved Radish and Compoy 6

Next, after removing the cakes from the can, I let them brown nicely on both sides. However you do them, plate them immediately and serve with whatever sauce you like.


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