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Parsley-Jalapeno Jelly

Parsley-Jalapeno Jelly 1

Before leaving home on travels recently, I had a large bunch of parsley and some Jalapeno peppers that wouldn’t have survived my absence and so I decided to make a ‘herbed’ jelly with them to use as a condiment and cooking ingredient. Unfortunately, though I preserved the pictures I took of the process until my return, I couldn’t locate my notes and so the ‘recipe’ I provide is a bit general. Still, I think you will have no trouble in following the basic idea and adapting it to suit your own taste… [

Parsley-Jalapeno Jelly 2

I used about a cup each of chopped parsley and chopped, deseed Jalapeno peppers and then further refined the mix in my food processor.


Parsley-Jalapeno Jelly 3

I then briefly cooked the mix with white vinegar (about one and a half cups) and some sugar.  For this volume, you could easily add a half-cup, or even a cup of sugar, in keeping with many similar jelly recipes, but I wanted to keep the sugar content low and only used a few tablespoons.


Parsley-Jalapeno Jelly 4

After, I used my wand-blender to further puree the blend (although this step is entirely up to you and depends on how ‘chunky’ you want the result. Then, I brought the mix up to a low boil and added some liquid pectin to allow the product to ‘jell’ (how much you use will depend upon instructions of the brand you choose).


Parsley-Jalapeno Jelly 5

Finally, I simply poured the mix into a couple of jars and, after it cooled, placed the jars in the refrigerator to fully set.


Parsley-Jalapeno Jelly 6

I love eating cheese with jellies and radishes and many years ago, I had a really nice Jalapeno Jelly with aged white cheddar. Here, I have paired some with a creamy Monterey Jack and the combination was really nice. I also like these sort of slightly sweet herbed condiments with cold meats, even on sandwiches. I am also planning to use it as a glaze and sauce base and I will post any developments along those lines in due course…


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