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Review: The Boss Bakery and Restaurant

152 East Pender Street, Vancouver

The Boss 1

Date of Visit: July, 2017

I was wandering around Chinatown looking for somewhere for breakfast during the third day of my trip to Vancouver and I came across this place. It served both Chinese and Western food, including your typical bacon and eggs type breakfast, which is what I vaguely had in mind, but, when I sat and perused the menu, I went east rather than west…

The Boss 2

The front part of the establishment is a bakery. I saw a few savory type items such as meat pies, but the majority of products seemed to be of the sweet and decorated variety.


The Boss 3

The restaurant end is very much ‘diner-style- with large booths. It is quite bright and airy, seating over 100, I would say, and it has a very warm, comfortable feel to it. The service was good, quick and efficient, and my server was quite personable and chatty. The menu, as I say, has many western style breakfast, lunch and supper dishes, while the Chinese part includes a lot of noodle and congee dishes. There is little in the way of dim sum, exactly, but there is a small ‘appetizer’ section with some interesting selections.


The Boss 4

Deep Fried Prawn Roll – The Chinese characters on the menu identified these as ‘spring rolls’, which they more or less turned out to be. The shrimp were small but quite tasty and each roll was well fried to a nice crispiness. I am not sure what was in the dipping sauce… it had a vaguely sour and fruity taste and was somewhat sweet as well. I would have probably added a little chili oil if it had been provided but it still nice enough without.


The Boss 5

Beef Satay – The beef here was very nicely tender but it was a little bland on its own. Luckily, it came with peanut-based Satay Sauce that slightly sweet and mildly spicy. I don’t often care for peanut sauces but this one was very good.


The Boss 6

Sautéed Mushrooms with Garlic – It is possible that these button mushrooms might have been very briefly sautéed as a final cooking step but it was clear that they had either been steamed or, possibly, braised with garlic beforehand. They were very tender and juicy and the garlic flavor was very strong without being overpowering. I thought these very good even though I was unable to finish the entire generous portion.



The Boss is a very nice homey place with decent food at excellent prices. I would visit often if I lived nearby. I rated it at a 4 out of 5.

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3 thoughts on “Review: The Boss Bakery and Restaurant

  1. I believe this is somewhat like what we call “western cuisine, Hong Kong style”!! It is very popular here in SF Bay Area. However, the few dishes that you featured here are not too attractive to me!

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