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Enoki Beef Rolls

Enoki Beef Rolls 1

Today’s recipe is my take on a simple appetizer dish I have enjoyed a couple of times in Japanese restaurants. Basically, it consists of Enokitake  (Enoki Mushrooms) wrapped in thin slices of beef and then grilled with some sort of sweetish glaze. For this preparation, I have used Japanese Eel Sauce

Enoki Beef Rolls 2

I used the end section of a small beef roast for this dish. Often the slices are cut paper thin but I opted for a slightly thicker cut. Basically, you need pieces that are about 3 inches wide and 4 or 5 long.


Enoki Beef Rolls 3

I first brushed a little Eel Sauce on each slice, sprinkled on some scallion, and then placed on a little bunch of Enokitake before rolling everything up.


Enoki Beef Rolls 4

I used a ridged grill pan for cooking and brushed a little more of the Eel Sauce (diluted with just a splash of rice wine) over the rolls as a glaze just before they were done. They need to be served immediately and will not only be delicious, but look very pretty on a plate as well.


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