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Salmon Rillettes

Salmon Rilettes 1

Rillettes, for those unfamiliar, is a dish in which the main ingredient is cooked and potted with fat. Originally, this was a means of preserving meat and salting often preceeded the cooking process. Pork is the most common foodstuff thus preserved, indeed, the name derives from ‘rille’ which is an old French term for a slice of pork, but the method, or some variation thereof, has been adapted to all sorts of other things, including fish.

A while ago, Hans Susser, one of my blogging friends, posted a recipe for Salmon Rilettes that inspired me to give today’s recipe a try.  Hans uses butter as the fat of choice and he actually cooks the salmon in the butter before potting. Now, this is a very interesting method that I plan to try myself, but, for this post, I am going with the slightly more traditional method of poaching the salmon with white wine and other  seasonings and then ‘potting’ with butter later on…

Salmon Rilettes 2

I am using about one-half a pound of salmon fillets for this recipe. I added it to a saucepan with a hal-cup of white wine, 1 teaspoon each of black mustard seed, fennel seed and black peppercorns, plus enough water to cover. I allowed the mix to come to an almost boil and then removed the pan from the heat and left it covered until cool.


Salmon Rilettes 3

For the next step, I melted a stick of buuter and then flaked my salmon. I stirred in  a scant teasponn of garlic salt and some parsley, and enough of the melted butter to make a creamy consistency.


Salmon Rilettes 4

Finally, I put the salmon mix into suitable serving dishes (one large and two small) and then poured the remaining butter over top, Probably, if I was going to be storing the recipe for more than a day or two, I would have used a little more butter, but for this use, the amount left over was just fine.

After chilling briefly, I served some with slices of grilled bread and a little cornichon pickle. This latter is very common with pork rilletes, and actually a bit strong for salmon, but the result was very nice. Some variations include some smoked salmon in the mix and, sometime, I think I will try that myself…


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4 thoughts on “Salmon Rillettes

  1. This works well for those on a Keto diet – hold the bread. Of course fresh salmon is ideal…but I’m having difficulty using the canned boneless & skinless wild Alaskan pink salmon I have in my cupboard. I will use one of these recipes you provided. I’m eager to try, thanks!

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