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XO Scallop Sliders

XO Scallop Sliders 1

About a year ago, while in Prince Edward Island, I enjoyed a very nice appetizer dish of Scallops with XO Sauce at the Claddagh Oyster House. At first, I thought putting the two together would a little overly rich but they turned out to be wonderful and so I put together the following little appetizer inspired by that pairing…

XO Scallop Sliders 2

To make the ‘sliders’, you will need to slice the scallops horizontally into two or three pieces depending on their size. For this dish, I marinated them in a little splash each of dry sherry and oil, and I sprinkled them with a pinch of garlic salt and pepper.


XO Scallop Sliders 3

The sauce is, of course, XO Sauce, but I processed mine to make it smoother (many types can be quite ‘chunky’). This batch represents a little over three tablespoons of a commercial XO Sauce, the same volume of dry sherry, and about a tablespoon of oil. This is more than is needed for this appetizer unless you make a LOT of sliders, but I got to extend the last little bit of my remaining jar of XO sauce and will get 3 to 4 uses from it instead of just one or two…


XO Scallop Sliders 4

You make the ‘buns’ by taking discs of zucchini and slicing through them horizontally almost, but not quite all the way to make little hinged openings. Then, you can pop a slice of scallop into each ‘one and lightly brush each ‘slider’ with a little oil. The toothpicks help hold the slippery scallops inside for cooking.


XO Scallop Sliders 5

Finally, grill the ‘sliders’ on both sides in a ridged grill pan (or a BBQ) until nicely marked and the scallops are opaque and then turn onto a serving dish. Drizzle with the XO sauce (pre-warmed by nuking for about 30 seconds) and, if desired, garnish with a little minced red bell pepper….


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