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Foodstuff: Branston Pickle

Branston Pickle 1C

About a year ago, I posted a recipe for Home-made Branston Pickle, which represents my method (quite succesful, I think) of reproducing the commercial variety I have loved ever since my childhood in England. Here in Canada, where one would more likely refer to it as a relish, rather than a pickle, it is not very widely known, nor widely available (indeed, it has been about ten years since I last saw it in stores here in Nunavut, and I purchased the jar you see above from Amazon.)

Branston Pickle 2B

The main ingredients in the pickle are listed on the jar as being Carror, Rutabaga, Onion and Cauliflower. My version was much simpler and just used Daikon (in lieu of Rutabaga) and Onion. The sauce ingredients, in the commercial variety is quite complex but I managed to reproduce it pretty closely using HP sauce, vinegar and sugar.

The product I used to get way back in the Day was produced by ‘Cross and Blackwell’ but they sold out some time ago to a Japanese concern by the name of ‘Mizkan’. I had read somewhere that the pickle became much sweeter and tangier than the original but, after tasting this purchase, I can’t say that there is a significant change.

I always thought Branston Pickle was a must have accompaniment to Melton-Mowbray Pork Pie but I like it with any sort of cold sliced meat, especially ham. One of the ways of using it that has become popular in England is mentioned on the back of the label, which reads ‘Perfect in a Cheese Sandwich’. Anyway, if you have never had this condiment before, it is well worth a try…


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