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Parsnip-Apple Patties

Parsnip-Apple Patties 1

Today’s post is a new evolution of an ongoing work in progress… A while back, I posted a Pork Belly Appetizer I am working on and I showed the two different ways I had tried for using parsnips as a ‘base’. The second of these was a sort of ‘pancake’ I first baked and then fried. This version follows up on the general idea except that I am using apple in the mix and making smaller, individual sized patties. For today’s post, I first present them as sort of appetizer along with the spiced cranberry sauce I made for the earlier post. I still want to use these as an appetizer base, but. For today’s purposes I am not cooking another pork belly roast…

Parsnip-Apple Patties 2

Here is the basic mix. It is about a cup and a half of grated parsnip, some salt and celery seed for seasoning, a quarter cup of flour and egg white.


Parsnip-Apple Patties 3

I am trying two sizes of  ‘container’ for my patties. Probably, I would use the larger for my pork belly appetizer…


Parsnip-Apple Patties 4

I baked these at about 325 degrees … Unfortunately, I had to dash out to tend to something a short way in to the process and stop the cooking until I returned. Accordingly, it is hard to specify the cooking time but, I think, it was about 45 minutes all told. One thing I noticed is that the apple throws of more liquid than the parsnip alone and, as a result, the outside got quite a bit browned before the center was done. I would have to adjust for that if doing apple again … although I am not sure I will.


Parsnip-Apple Patties 5

Though I presented the patties a little appetizer, I actually ate them with beef slices, horseradish and some broccoli rabe sauteed with garlic butter. Overall, the dish was very nice but, to be honest… I found the apple diminished rather than enhanced the parsnip flavor. I think the version I did in my earlier post was better. In any event, the experimentation goes on…


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