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Smoked Salmon Roll

Smoked Salmon Roll 1

Today’s post features a little creation that was one of my recent ‘non-rice sushi’ experiments. This is a ‘maki’ type preparation (a ‘roll’, that is), except that here, egg-salad replaces the rice one would normally expect. Slices of smoked salmon form the actual outer roll, but I have used nori sheets for an inner wrapper for the filling in the interests of both tradition and texture …


I used almost a whole package of frozen, pre-sliced smoked salmon for the roll. Here you can see that I have laid out slices (trimmed where necessary), on a sheet of plastic film atop my sushi rolling mat. The two fillings are on either side… The egg salad is just chopped boiled egg with a little Japanese mayonnaise, some chopped scallion and seasonings. The other ingredient is just fine slivers of red bell pepper that have been macerated for about twenty minutes with a little salt.


Smoked Salmon Roll 2


Smoked Salmon Roll 3

Here we are all ready to roll.


Smoked Salmon Roll 4

After rolling, I knew that the filling here would be quite soft and difficult to cut even with my very sharp sushi knife. Accordingly, I just popped the wrapped roll into the freezer for about twenty minutes until it had just firmed up a bit. For service, I included a bit of wasabi as both garnish and condiment, and some lemon slices as well.

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