Spicy Squid Rings

A northern Chinese recipe for squid that I really enjoy is Squid Grilled with Chili and Cumin. For today’s post, I decided to try the same flavor combination with battered rings of squid. I served the result with a simple sauce made by combining a little mayonnaise with chopped gherkin and a little chili sauce…

I made a medium thick batter composed of flour, water, a little egg white, some garlic salt, and, of course, coarsely ground chili and cumin. The dish is being prepared just for myself and I so used about a quarter pound of squid rings.


After heating the deep-fry oil to medium high, just toss the rings in the batter to coat all over.


Finally, deep fry the rings until nicely golden (which takes only a minute or so). If doing a larger amount, and especially if you have to fry in batches to avoid dropping the oil temperature too much, you can always do a second frying for a few seconds to get extra crispiness.


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