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Bagoong Ribs

Bagoong Ribs 1

Some time ago, I did a post featuring a particular brand of  Filipino Bagoong (a fermented shrimp based paste). I still have quite a bit of it left (it keeps almost indefinitely), and I decided to use some in a little appetizer dish using pork ribs. Now, for some, the idea of pairing a very strong ferment shrimp paste with pork might sound a little odd, but the combination is not uncommon in China and south-east Asia, and actually works very nicely. If the product I used is not available to you, almost any sort of shrimp paste will work just as well…

Bagoong Ribs 2

I am using some nice little pork spare-ribs for this recipe, which I cut into individual sections. To marinate, all you need do is stir them with enough shrimp paste to coat then evenly, and then let them sit in the fridge for several hours, or even overnight (as I did).


Bagoong Ribs 3

When ready to cook, you need to make a light batter with flour and water, and then season it as you will. Here, I used a few pinches of turmeric, garlic salt, coarsely ground red chili pepper, some parsley flakes for color. Toss the ribs in a little flour to coat, and then mix into the batter.


Bagoong Ribs 4

To cook, drop the batter coated ribs into medium hot oil and let fry until the outside is golden and crispy, and the meat well-cooked through. For little ribs like the ones here, that will take about 7 to 10 minutes. When done, remove them to paper towel to absorb excess oil and then serve while still piping hot. You could serve a dipping sauce of some sort along side, if you like, but I found these delicious all by themselves…


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