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Madrasi Grilled Beef

Madrasi Grilled Beef 01

A while ago, I posted a recipe for my homemade Madras Curry Paste and I wanted to try using it in something other than a ‘curry’ style dish. I came up with the idea of doing something along the lines of a Satay, but with the flavors of India and made the dish you see pictured abve. I made it is an appetizer but you could make larger (and more) skewers and serve them over rice for a more substantial course. Here, I served mine on a bed of finely shredded cabbage and Jalapeno peppers that were macerated in a little garlic salt before being tossed with some oil and lemon juice…

Madrasi Grilled Beef 02

The cut of beef I was using was described as a ‘simmering’ steak, which means it can be tough and not generally suited to grilling. Accordingly, after cutting it into cubes, I marinated it in lemon juice overnight. I was still a little worried that the result might be a bit tough and chewy but, in the event, it turned out to be quite tender and juicy after grilling.


Madrasi Grilled Beef 03

I later marinated the cubes in my Madras Curry Paste for a couple of hours before threading them on wooden skewers that I let soak in water during the secondary marination.


Madrasi Grilled Beef 04

Finally, I grilled the skewers on a ridged grill-pan for a few minutes on each side before serving. I ate all fours skewers myself and they made for a really nice light lunch.


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