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Stuffed Baby Squid

Stuffed Baby Squid 1

I am not giving you a proper recipe today … I was basically just playing around in my kitchen using some baby squid I had left from a larger package, generally making things up as I went along, and I wasn’t keeping proper notes. Still, you can get a rough idea of what I was doing and maybe get a few ideas to play with yourselves …

Stuffed Baby Squid 2

I had been thinking of stuffing squid with ground pork but I didn’t have any and I wondered if beef might work. I am afraid I cannot quite recall what went in to the mix (and I only remembered to take a picture after having stuffed my squid), but it is basically cooked ground beef with a little minced onion, red chili and some seasonings. I think I may have included a bit of garlic in there too …


Stuffed Baby Squid 3

The squid I used are very small, and a bit fiddly to stuff, but you can see how I have closed the tubes with a toothpick for frying. I would have liked to have pinned the tentacles to the tubes but I had already used these for another recipe.


Stuffed Baby Squid 4

I made a batter out of flour, water, and a little egg white,  and coated my squid before deep-frying. Afterwards, I served individual squid with some Sriracha and a twist of lemon (as in the first picture).


Stuffed Baby Squid 5

I also dished up one of my squid in slices as another presentation idea. These ones are still warm but, if you fry the tubes without batter, the slices would make a very nice appetizer served cold, I think…




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4 thoughts on “Stuffed Baby Squid

  1. These look pretty good. I make a similar dish sometimes, but grill instead of deep fry, and serve with a spicy Vietnamese fish sauce-lime juice dipping sauce.

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