Miso-Grilled Char

A while back, I featured Miso in a ‘Foodstuff’ post, but, though I have used the product in several previously posted recipes, this is the first since then. I mentioned, in that post, that Miso can be used as a marinade, and the Japanese often use it that way, especially with salmon. Here I am using Arctic Char, which, for those unfamiliar, is a pink-fleshed fish that is very similar to Pacific Salmon. If you wish to try this recipe, you can use either without fundamentally changing the result …


The Japanese technique of marinating fish with Miso sometimes involves other ingredients (vinegar, scallion, Mirin etc.), and also lightly pressing the fish fillets between wax paper sheets during the marinating process. However, the latter technique is best, I find, for thicker, skin-on pieces, I find (my fillets, as you can see, are quite small and thin) , and just plain Miso, works just great. Here, I am eschewing other flavorings in favor of simplicity and using just a splash of Mirin for a touch extra flavor, and to dilute the Miso a little.

To prep, simply make a thin paste with miso and mirin, then coat the fish and let it sit for at least two hours (overnight is fine too). When ready, grill on a barbecue, or in a ridged grill-pan until you get some nice grill marks, and the flesh is cooked through (only a couple of minutes on each side for thin fillets). Serve immediately.

For this dish, I served mine with edamame flashed-fried with some diced tomato.

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