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Review: 222 Lyon – Ottawa

222 Lyon St N, Ottawa- Website

222 Lyon 1

Date of Visit: April, 2018

This place was my last restaurant visit on a recent trip to Ottawa. It is a Tapas Bar with a pretty decent selection of different small plates, and though I went at lunchtime, which has a much smaller menu than in the evening, I had some fairly good selections and a pretty decent time… 

222 Lyon 2

The restaurant occupies the lower floor of a small Victorian house and seats 25 or so in the front room, and about 12 at the bar. I probably made a mistake arriving near the end of the luncheon seating as the service, though generally friendly, was a bit abrupt and rushed, as though the staff wished to be on their way. I also wasn’t all that crazy with the jazz music playing in the background throughout the meal. It wasn’t especially loud, but I just don’t like jazz…

222 Lyon 3

Three Amigos Stuffed Olives  – I was a little disappointed when I was served this dish, which consisted of olives stuffed three different ways. I was rather expecting a variety of different sorts of olives but these were just the plain green ones available in most supermarkets. Indeed, I rather suspect these were a commercially prepared offering as the pimento stuffed ones were no different than typical cocktail olives. The other two sorts, being lemon stuffed, and anchovy stuffed were actually very good. I have not had them done this way before and I enjoyed them very much. I gave them a rating of 3 out of 5.

222 Lyon 4

Spicy Chorizo – I was also not especially impressed by this dish. The sausage itself was fairly nice as chorizo goes… quite chewy and spicy, but there was really nothing special about it. I ate most of it (it was quite a large serving), but I couldn’t help but feel that not much effort went in to it. It was good enough, however, that I still gave a 3 out of 5.

222 Lyon 5

Beef filled Piquillo Peppers  – Although this was the second dish I ordered, I save it for last in my review as it was hands-down the best of the lot. It consisted of roasted and skinned sweetish red peppers stuffed with beef that was braised in Rioja wine and then shredded in the same way as pulled pork. The beef was very tender and juicy with a very nice rich flavor, and the peppers were drizzled with a reduction of the beef juices with balsamic and chives.. What really added to the dish, though, was the finely shredded Manchego cheese on top. While still in shreds, it didn’t add much in the way of taste, but as it melted into the sauce it really lent a nice, sharp counterpoint. This was very good and I give it a 5 out of 5.


I probably didn’t come at the best time of day, and the service left just a little to be left desired, but I still enjoyed a pretty good meal and would like to come again. I gave the place a 4 out of 5.

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