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Taiwanese Pickle

Taiwanese Pickle 1

This little appetizer is my take on a dish I had a while ago at a Dim Sum restaurant in Ottawa. It was described on the menu as ‘Taiwan Pickled Vegetable’ and was chiefly cucumber with just a little red bell pepper and slivered ginger. I am not sure about the ‘dressing’… these were obviously salt-macerated ‘quick pickles’ and they were quite sweet, only a little sour, and had just a faint touch of chili heat…

Taiwanese Pickle 2

Here, I cut cucumber and red bell pepper into batons and tossed them with about a half-teaspoon of salt. I left them just long enough to soften and throw of some liquid (about 15 or 20 minutes) and then I rinsed them well and gently squeezed to remove a bit more liquid.


Taiwanese Pickle 3

I added two slices of ginger cut into fairly large slivers then tossed everything with a tablespoon each of rice vinegar, rice wine, and a small pinch of sugar. I meant to add a little ground chili but forgot this part (a small squirt of Sriracha might work too, I imagine). I put everything in the fridge to marinate for about 6 hours (overnight would be fine), and had it as a first course before my supper). Except for the slight bite of chili in the original, I think I recreated this quite well and the result was very nice.


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