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Foodstuff: Turmeric Puree

Turmeric Puree 1

Generally, the Turmeric in my kitchen pantry is the dried ground variety.  I have had the whole dried root before, but it is a pain to grind, and the fresh root, which I have used a few times, is quite hard to come by. I just saw this commercially pureed version the other day and I snagged a jar to test it out…

The manufacturer is Canadian, Derlea  Foods™ from Pickering, Ontario, and the product contains only Turmeric and water, plus a little citric acid and potassium sorbate. The color has the same vibrancy as the fresh root and it has a slight vermillion tint rather than the yellow of the dried powder.

On opening the jar, you also get much the same aroma as you do from the root. It has the same sweet, faintly pungent qualities as the dried powder, but it also has more vegetal and floral notes. It is a bit harsh if you taste it raw, even bitter, but this something that is greatly diminished when cooked.

Turmeric Puree 2

To test this product, I grilled some shrimp using nothing else other than a brushing of the puree and just a sprinkle of salt. The result was very sweet, and the basic turmeric flavor obviously present but without being overwhelming.

Since the appearance of this spice product in my local store maybe something of a fluke, I am going to grab a few more jars for the future…


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